JANUARY 2018: Check out Dalea's music and videos as a solo artist here:  LINK

APRIL 2014: Our  band contunues on indefinite hiatus. Dalea has released her second  single/music video from her upcoming debut solo album! It is called  Anunnaki and it totally rocks! Check out Dalea's new song hereLink  

JANUARY 2014: Happy  2014 everyone! We wanted to let you know that our vocalist Dalea has begun a solo career. She is working  with our producer Patrick Rundblad to record her first solo album and to continue her cameos in film music. She is now on Facebook, please go  welcome and give her thumbs up! Here is Dalea's link: Link  

AUGUST 26, 2013: The Soundtrack for the upcoming motion picture Jesus - The Desire Of Ages has released. It features all the music from the film, written by our composer Patrick Rundblad and it also features our vocalist, Dalea (under her pseudonym Quimera) Here is a link to this inspiring album, where you can preview and purchase it!: Link  

JUNE 2013: There  are some discussions that our vocalist  may be releasing a solo album!  Her 1st single 'Invincible is now recorded and on the hands of her team  in Sweden, can't wait to share this new song with you all!

APRIL 22, 2013: Dalea is in the studio recording vocals for the soundtrack of the independent film 'The Desire Of Ages', a period film releasing later this year. This will be Dalea's second feature in a film's soundtrack.

APRIL 2013: We are ready for our show April 13 at NY's The Paper Box, previewing five songs from the new album!

MARCH 10, 2013: A  much loved member of the Swedish royal family passed away today.  Quimera Music mourns the passing of H.R.H. Princess Lilian, may she rest  in peace.

MARCH, 2013: Quimera Music  would like to thank Indie Rock Magazine for their interview and feature  on their premiere issue. If you would like to get your copy please  follow this link: Link  

FEBRUARY 2013: Hello fans! We want to let you know that the Article 'Catching Up With Quimera Music' is now live on our Facebook page! Do you want to read it? Here is the: Link  

JANUARY 2013: Quimera Music would like to thank RG Magazine and S. Castillo for the double page Quimera Music article just released. We really appreciate it!

DECEMBER 2012: After our Immortal Tour closing show at Ella  Lounge, we are now ready to head to Sweden for a much needed holiday. We  thank everyone for all your support and sincerely wish you a great  holiday season and a fantastic 2013! 

NOVEMBER 23, 2012: Lyric Video for Quimera Music's ballad 'For Aurora' has released. Do you want to see it? Here is the link: Link  

OCTOBER 1, 2012: (Spanish - IMMORTAL Album Review) Hola a todos nuestros fans de habla hispana! Desde Chile, nos acaba de llegar una evaluación de nuestro nuevo album IMMORTAL, de el equipo fantastico de 'Mundo Rock' Webzine y Radio! Aqui les ponemos el enlace, y esperemos los visiten. Muchisimas gracias a el equipo de 'Mundo Rock' y especialmente a Miguel Ramirez!  Saludos rockeros a todos en el equipo, desde Nueva York! Aqui esta el enlace: Link  

JULY 3, 2012: We have some great news for you! Three songs from Quimera Music's latest album IMMORTAL have been added to rotation at Butterflies Radio! ❖ Angel Slayer, ❖ Immortal and ❖ Lies are now beginning to play in top CD quality and rocking the airwaves around the world! To listen or to request any of our songs, just go to Butterflies by clicking here: Link Would you like them to do an interview with Quimera Music? Then send them a request along with your questions!
Rock on!
JUNE 13, 2012: A massive THANK YOU to all our fans and music critics for their support on the first twelve weeks since the release of our new album IMMORTAL, we bow to you. There are new articles on Quimera Music releasing next month, we will make sure to continue  posting links so you can go check them out! The IMMORTAL adventure  continues on Saturday June 23, with a headlining show at New York City's  RBar... will you be there?

MAY 13, 2012:  Quimera Music would like to thank Battle Helm Magazine and Shan Siva for their review of our new album IMMORTAL. Thank you so very much! If you would like to read it, click here:Link

MAY 1, 2012: Quimera, vocalist of the Symphonic Rock Band Quimera Music has been named Goodwill Ambassador for the Sound of Change project, sponsored by the Keep The World foundation, based in Germany. We believe that music has the power to inspire change! Artists and audiences will stand together at the first Sound of Change Festival in Germany and share their inspiration with the world! Festival date and more information will follow soon. Click here to visit the Sound of Change website:Link

MARCH 13, 2012: Today our double album IMMORTAL  has finally released and we are celebrating! We are very excited to  finally be able to share this album with you, especially with those of  you who have supported Quimera Music during the recording stages over  the last two years... Thanks You! IMMORTAL is available in iTunes,  Amazon and all major digital stores. To listen to and purchase our Album  IMMORTAL on Itunes, click here:Link

MARCH 5, 2012: This weekend we are filming our music video for our song Danse Macabre,  from our upcoming album IMMORTAL. Danse Macabre is a song about the  state of our planet and why each one of us are casting our votes each  day by what we do or don't do. Danse Macabre will release the last week  of March 2012.

FEBRUARY 2012: Hello Everybody! We are very happy to inform you that it has been confirmed our double album titled IMMORTAL  will be releasing on iTunes March 13, 2012! You will be able to  pre-order it via iTunes on February 28. We are very excited and can't  wait for you to listen to it! To listen to previews and purchase  IMMORTAL, please click here: Link

JANUARY 2012: After a well deserved holiday, we are ready to Kick-Off the first show of our 2012 Tour IMMORTAL. Join us Friday, January 13th at Connolly's Klub 45, in New York City. We are taking the stage at 10PM... be there!

DECEMBER 3, 2011: Tonight is the last show of our 2011 tour More Than Human.  It has been a great year for us so this evening we will be playing with  extra heart to celebrate. If you are in the NYC area, join us in our  celebration and scream your hearts out with us!

NOVEMBER, 2011: Quimera Music would like to thank The San Diego Troubadour and music critic Sandra Castillo for their wonderful review of our latest release, More Than Human EP - Remastered. Thank you so very much! - Quimera Music
If you would like to read it, click here: Link

OCTOBER 21, 2011: After completing the vocal recordings for the remaining song in Quimera Music's upcoming new double album (releasing in 2012) Quimera sends a video message to fans everywhere, straight from the recording studio. If you would like to see it, click here: Link

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011: Quimera Music wishes to thank Dana Wright, for her review of More Than Human EP - Remastered. Much gratitude -Quimera Music.  If you would like to read this review, please click here: Link

AUGUST 26, 2011: Quimera Music wishes to thank Belgian Music Magazine SIDE-LINE, for their review of our first release of More Than Human EP. With much gratitude -Quimera Music.  If you would read this review, click here: Link

AUGUST 10, 2011: [ANNOUNCEMENT]  More Than Human EP Remastered.  As Quimera Music continues placing the finishing touches to their new  full double album, there have been a lot of updates to all their music;  additional vocals recorded and a complete remastering of their latest  release More Than Human EP (April 2011). As a result, Quimera Music has decided to re-release More Than Human EP and add a bonus track! More Than Human EP Remastered will release digitally on August 23rd 2011, and will soon be available in Jewel case through Rock on!

JULY 22, 2011: Quimera Music's New Album Diary
Greetings from hot New York! After two years of songwriting,  experimenting and brainstorming, we are now finishing recordings for the  last two songs of our new, double album. Quimera is in the middle of  recording vocals, while Patrick and Reed are busy with final guitar and  bass recordings. Then all songs will go in to final mixing, followed by  mastering. 

We are in the middle of taking a few weeks off from touring to  concentrate on completing all final arrangements and recordings... our  Dark Fantasy is almost ready. Quimera Music. PS. Soon we will announce our new album name!

JUNE 2011: The inaugural Quimera Music Fanzone e-newsletter was emailed to our subscribed Fans! It contained our recent news, schedule and a special unreleased song for free download Immortal Prelude, from our current tour More Than Human. Issue II will be e-mailed July 12, 2011. If you would like to sign up, click here: Link

APRIL 2011: Quimera Music is officially on tour! Check out the Venues Schedule  link to see when they will be playing near you. If you would like to be  added to their email list, go to the contact page (link above) and sign  up or send an email with Add To Email List in the subject to Quimera Music  respects their fans, all email addresses are kept confidential and only  shows, appearances and occasional new merchandise notifications are  sent.

APRIL 19, 2011: Quimera Music's new material More Than Human EP is set to release digitally worldwide today! Links to shops coming up soon! More Than Human EP  Jewelcase will be available at all their upcoming shows and soon  through You can listen to a special selection from  this material above, click play to listen to Angel Slayer.

MARCH 18, 2011: [ANNOUNCEMENT] As their contract with Twilight Records comes to an end this March 2011, Quimera Music has announced that they will not be renewing their contract, parting ways in an amicable manner. 

Now that our contract with Twilight Records is ending, we had to do some serious thinking about the future of Quimera Music, and whether or not we still shared the same goals for our career with Twilight Records. As we get ready to release our second album, we realize that our goals and vision have changed too much to renew our partnership. We do not know what the future will bring, but we look forward to continuing our journey, whether it is with a new label that better matches our global vision, or independently, if it makes more sense.”

Quimera Music has just released the video 'A Day With Quimera Music' a preview of their upcoming second studio album and of things to come.

FEBRUARY 2011: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Video Released - Shot in New York  City, early spring 2011. This video features Quimera Music rehearsing  their song Immortal, a selection from their upcoming new studio  album, set to release in 2011. This video is dedicated to all our fans.  To watch, click here: Link

JANUARY 2011: Quimera Music is currently on full band rehearsals,  preparing for touring; tour begins in April 2011. For tour news, please  keep checking back. See you soon!   

DECEMBER 2010: Quimera Music is currently working on concepts for  their first music video. This video is for the first single from their  new album, scheduled to release in 2011. "With this first video, we  want to give our listeners a fantastic visual (as well as auditory)  experience, the release of the first song from our new album is very  important to us as it marks the beginning of a new era for Quimera  Music"

NOVEMBER 2010: Quimera Music is currently assembling its permanent Live and Touring Band. "We  are being extremely careful that our new members are the best of the  best; being well versed on Classical music as well as Rock is not easy  to find, but we are very close to finalizing our touring band."

SEPTEMBER 9 2010: Quimera Music is featured in The Batcave Radio, with Isis Ledezma. 10PM Caracas, Venezuela time. You can listen here: Link

AUGUST 2010: Quimera Music is featured in New York City's Talent In Motion Magazine, now on stands. Thank you Talent In Motion.

JUNE 2010: New Quimera Music Love and Madness album review, in San Diego Troubadour. Thank you San Diego Troubadour and Sandra Castillo. If you would like to read the review, click here: Link

MAY 2010: New album on the works now! Quimera and Patrick Rundbladh  are busy at work writing Quimera Music's new album. We can tell you it  has been confirmed this will be a stunning deluxe double album... stay  tuned!

APRIL 2010: Somewhere In Between, music from the Motion Picture featuring Quimera Music has released! You can find it at your local iTunes, Amazon, Napster and all major music retailers in your country. The film Somewhere In Between is scheduled for U.S.A. release summer 2010.

MARCH 2010: Listen to Quimera Music's album and review in La Mision De Los Eternos  radio show with Gabriel Carbone and Fernando efe PI. Thursday March 18,  8PM Buenos Aires, Argentina time. Check your local listings for  transmission time. See you there! Link

MARCH 2010: New Quimera Music review on Music... what else! check it out here: Link

FEBRUARY 2010: New Quimera Music interview on Of The Twilight music spot, with Edward Ruff. Check it out here: Of The Twilight Interview Link

JANUARY 14 2010: Quimera to sing the lead theme in the soundtrack for the new independent film Somewhere In Between, scheduled for release this year. Recordings will begin next week.

JANUARY 2010: For those of you who have been waiting for Quimera's  Physical album release, it is here! You can buy it directly from  Quimera's label, Twilight Records; just go here: Link To Twilight Records

DECEMBER 2009: Quimera Music to sing the American National Anthem on Saturday January 2nd 2010, to open the NHL game of the NY Islanders VS The Atlanta Thrashers. Nassau Coliseum; 7PM Eastern Time. Tune in on your TV!

NOVEMBER 24, 2009: Quimera Music debut album Love And Madness has released, it is available for download everywhere!

NOVEMBER 2009: Quimera Music debut album Love And Madness is scheduled for worldwide release November 24th, 2009!

OCTOBER 2009: Quimera Music is now available on Spotify (Europe Only) enjoy!

AUGUST 2009: The Cutting Room Presents Quimera Music at Comix, Sunday Sept 13th, at 8PM. Quimera Music will be premiering songs from her upcoming debut album. Comix 353W 14th St. N.Y.C

JULY 11 2009: Quimera Music special performance at Duvet in NYC, on Friday August 7th at 10:30PM. Duvet 45 West 21st Street. N.Y.C.

JUNE 23 2009: Quimera Music's first single from their upcoming debut album has released! Face To Face (Radio Edit) is now available on iTunes, and Napster, amongst all main music retailers.

MAY 21 2009: The single When Tomorrow Comes has released! When Tomorrow Comes, is a special song written by Dalea and composer Patrick Rundblad for the children of her charity, The Smile Train. Read more about this project on the Smile Train tab above.

FEBRUARY 2009: Quimera Music's debut album is scheduled for Winter 2009 release. Stay tuned!!

JANUARY 2009: The Quimera Music team are hard at work giving finishing touches to the songs in her debut album Love and Madness getting it ready for pre- mastering.

DECEMBER 2008: The Quimera Music journey has truly begun, her debut album Love and Madness is half way there... the future awaits.

NOVEMBER 2008: Welcome to the Quimera Music website! We are so  excited to have it up and running, now we can really be in touch! Happy  holidays everyone!